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Field Network Testing

Quality Assurance Through Testing Automation

Focus on Evolution Instead of Improvements

The latest development of our Degust testing and automation system drastically improves quality and reduces operating costs. This helps our customers accelerate innovation by making more changes with less risk.

How Degust Helps Improving Your Business

Raise Your Quality

Raise Your Quality

Let Degust test your services to detect errors - often before customers are noticing them
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Cut Your Costs

Cut Your Costs

Save at minimum 30-50% on testing and troubleshooting and secure your investments
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Lower churn rate

Lower churn rate

Keep your customers happy by providing seamless and error free services
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Reduce Profit Loss

Reduce Profit Loss

Degust helps you to restore your services fast.
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error detection and correction

error detection and correction

Degust automatically detects errors and applies corrective actions
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Get time for innovation

Get time for innovation

Let Degust do the boring stuff and get your teams into high skill tasks
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Quality Assurance Automation testing

Raise your Service Quality with Acctopus Degust®

Let Degust test your services to detect errors – often before customers are noticing them.
Acctopus Degust automates testing and operation in the complete production chain of mobile and fixed network operators.

Degust is used

  • at OEMs side during the development and testing of service platforms
  • during type acceptance in the operator’s test bed
  • while integrating the service into your live environment
  • over the complete lifecycle of the service in 7/24 monitoring of the services

Degust incorporates the unique ability to

  • simulate the signaling traffic at operator’s core interfaces,
  • emulate real E2E user behavior on real user equipment including roaming situations,
  • gather cross platform evidence and
  • interface to 3rd party tools to leverage existing processes, functionalities and investments.

Tests are started manually or scheduled to either test ad hoc, at required points in time or in 24/7 scenarios.

Save at minimum 30-50% on testing and troubleshooting while securing your investments

By using Degust in your complete production chain, you will dramatically reduce your costs in testing and operation of you services.

Depending on the complexity of your products under test, today you are able to run only a certain amount of tests per day.
With Degust, you can run hundreds or even thousands of tests in parallel, you can mix tests involving user equipment with signalling simulation to shrink the time required for tests by fractions.
This enables you to start these tests more often and after any single change, you did during the type acceptance procedures or during product go live.

Lower Your Churn Rate

Keep your customers happy by providing seamless and error free services.

By using Degust in your test bed, you are able to deliver quality products much faster. Thes new products let you keep up with customers’ demand on new functionality.
By using Degust in your live production environment, you will detect errors or unsightly system behaviour much faster, often before your customers complain.

This will lead to a better overall quality and much faster innovation which builds up a growing and loyal customer base.

Reduce Profit Loss

Degust helps you to restore your services fast

Troubleshooting with Analytics and Edge Automation: Analytics triggers driving edge test automation

While testing your service, Degust is able to gather evidence from its own tests as well as from any 3rd party platform.

As soon as Degust detects anything went wrong, Degust starts more comprehensive tests, involves prospect platforms, starts their logging and monitoring facilities, collects and investigates the results.
Degust will report the issues into the trouble ticket system of your operations center, attaching all evidence. Without Degust, it would take much more time to collect these details.

Are you still monitoring log files? No matter. As soon as you analyze any misbehavior, you can trigger prepared tests at Degust using our API. Using the same API, your systems can define tests and let them run by Degust and your systems can also get the reports and evidence from Degust to include them into your existing reporting.

Error Detection and Correction

Degust is detecting issues. If an issue is known to be recurring and requires to roll out a prepared fix, Degust will do this for you. It will record the issue into your trouble ticket systems, attaching all evidence and does retests.
If the retest still shows the error, Degust can forward the trouble ticket to the next department, where an operator can take on.

This will speed up troubleshooting and restores the full service much faster. This again will keep errors away from your users and will off load your CSRs

This function shows its strength especially during night shifts and weekends, where the operating staff does not have the experts on site for every platform.
In these cases Degust can prevent the ready call and the colleague is available on the following day as usual.

Degust® does the testing, you spend your time on the important things

Degust does the 24/7 monitoring including E2E testing of your services – even in roaming scenarios.

While degust conducts the 24/7 tests, your employees can focus on the important innovations in the high skill areas.
This is much more interesting for your employees and prevents them from looking for new challenges in other companies.
It is easier for your company to motivate existing loyal employees than to hire and train new ones.