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Costs down by 40%

Turned OPEX into CAPEX

Incident Time
down from hours to minutes

Automate error detection and troubleshooting in a few clicks 

Running Tests In These Networks

A1 Telekom Austria Group
Airtel India
Türk Telekom
Telekom Malaysia
TIM Italy
Telia Sveden
Telkomsel Indunesia
Telenor Norway
Telefónica S.A.
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
Orange France
Movistart ES
Megafon Moscow
Digicel Group
Telekom Deutschland GmbH
 Vodafone GmbH

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About Us

Serving Network Operators since 2001

Running over 4.3 MM samples per day extracting over 11 MM KPIs

Acctopus provides collaborative automated troubleshooting solutions to detect and analyze problems in the network quickly. This process radically reduces downtime and costs.
Using Acctopus Degust® you unify engineering and operations, you decrease the time it takes to test your changes, you simplify the production process and improve diagnostics, leading to smarter operations.
Our Products For Carrier Grade Quality

You will revolutionize error detection from the end customer's point of view.
You will automate troubleshooting and improve quality specifically for fixed and mobile networks.

Acctopus Degust® SaaS Troubleshooting Automation

24/7 error detection for services and network infrastructure including automated troubleshooting and correction

Acctopus Degust® SaaS "Explorer" Network Probes

Degust Explorer: Monitoring and Testing Edge Networks
  • Operators monitor in PoPs or at friendly users’ homes
  • End users are monitoring at their CPE
  • Corporates are monitoring WAN links to offices

Acctopus Degust® SaaS Network Function Probes

Degust Explorer for Network Function Monitoring
  • Runing on your SBC, as a VM or as a container
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, LDAP, RADIUS, Diameter, 5G SBI, and most TelCo core interfaces

Acctopus Degust® Global Clients

Degust Global Clients: Monitoring Mobile Network Services and Tariffs
  • Worldwide use including SIM distribution
  • Intensive control of the correct provision of tariffs

The best solution to get

  • immediate results
  • almost no project setup time
  • ROI of just weeks
Our Contributions

Customers We Serve!

Cell tower sector antennas. Mobile 5G transmitter equipment.

Operators test and monitor the major aspects of service production and delivery from the core network to the edge, from the protocols to the services.

Developer screen with colored website programming code, php

OEMs harden their products and deliverables, provide test facilities based on Degust® and speed up projects and tests in fully agile environments.

Young african male programmer writing program code sitting at the workplace with three monitors in the office. Image focused on the screen

Independent consultants and freelancers use Degust® to develop and support their business with network operators or enterprises.

Young businessman giving instruction to his two female colleagues in the boardroom during a meeting

Integrators and consultants use Degust® to support POCs, lab testing, and integration.
They develop new revenue streams providing full service to network operators.

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