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Degust Use Cases – Poor Quality

Missing deadlines? Poor quality?

A common cause for missed deadlines is the inadequate test procedure during type approval.
If the manufacturer of the system to be validated fixes an error, in theory ALL tests must be repeated to confirm that no new error has been introduced. At this point there is regularly less time left in the project plan, so it is often considered necessary to narrow down the scope of testing to get it done on time.
As a result you are accepting lower quality.

Poor Quality? Losing Deadlines

Your Challenge

Quality risks in type approvals:

The repetition of the tests due to initially incompletely developed features is mandatory. At the end of the type approval process, time runs out, which is why the reduced test scope is coordinated.

In the laboratory, often not all of the required surrounding systems have the required release status or are even available. Therefore not all necessary tests are possible or test results have to be adjusted accordingly.

Tests can often only be performed live-like because there are no corresponding tests in the live system.

High Quality requires repeatable, consistent and live-conforming tests at high throughput.

Our Solution

Acctopus Degust® makes the difference.

Unlimited test depths: you create thousands of tests for individual features, which can be started live-compliant in every phase of type approval to deliver comparable results.

Easy test creation: Creation is facilitated by a growing number of templates and automatic translations of parameters.

Flexible user authorization: the tests can be started by the OEM after installation or after the introduction of fixes, so that your people only have to be present after successful delivery.

Reduced waiting times: Degust simulates 3rd party platforms that are not yet available at the time of type approval.

Extended support: Acctopus can support you in creating the tests.

Your Benefit

Predictable high quality.

Less internal overhead sitting retries in development.

You’ll save a considerable amount of time.

Talk to us about how we can help you.