Web Automation 5.0

Bring the quality of your web projects to the next level.

You are constantly testing your web projects using tools like Ranorex Studio, Katalon or basic Selenium?

Combine your knowledge and existing tools with complete End-2-End testing and monitoring of the involved backend systems. 
If you use tools like standard web driver automation, you will always compare expectations with the real world. But you can only see the results from the front-end view. In all cases, where the problem is within the backend, your test throws an error or will at least ask you for manual evaluation.

Using Degust you can automate even these steps. Degust will be integrated with your frontend tests by getting raw information from your backend systems, like databases, authentication systems, and 3rd party apps. This may turn your result and limit the effort to troubleshoot the real source of your problems. 

Additionally, Degust will run your tests on thousands of systems in parallel, if required from different countries or continents.

How to use...

Degust is designed to issue tests against all kinds of systems. As part of these tests, the user can configure complete web browser sessions to check the state of the development in an agile scenario.

Degust is also scaled to run these tests in thousands of different situations from certain sources controlled or in parallel. Currently, our customers are issuing 4 MM such tests per day.

This turns ‘Testing’ into ‘Monitoring’ and is the final bit, no other solution is designed for in the first place.