Degust Is Now Available with SaaS Plans

We listened to our customers and prospects and removed your major pain points: You want it NOW and IN FULL EXTENT.

Why SaaS?

Due to the minimal deployment requirement on your side, you can now begin using Degust within hours. Using Degust in a SaaS plan reduces the need for servers and equipment on your side. You will save additional maintenance time and costs.

SaaS makes Degust scalable and allows you to expand access based on your business needs. Don’t invest in internal server capacities and software licenses.

Degust is accessible 24/7, anywhere, at any time, but you still can limit the times and places to which it is available.

Speed up testing and monitoring

As part of your subscription, you will have access to regularly updated functionality. You will still be able to use your organization’s tools and custom functions.

With Degust, you will no longer need to worry about endless patch downloads and lengthy installations. Our solution eliminates the complexity of our competitors’ requirements for local installation.

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Get your free registration code and start using Degust today.