Efficiency Unleashed: The Case for Automated Testing

Discover how automated testing is transforming the landscape of mobile operator services, improving efficiency, and ensuring flawless user experiences. Explore the advantages of Acctopus Degust, a cutting-edge tests and monitoring automation system, to streamline operations and enhance service quality.In today’s fast-paced digital age, the demand for seamless and uninterrupted mobile operator services is higher than …

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What is mobile handover?

Mobile Handover explained

Handover is a function of mobility in mobile networks. In brief, whenever a mobile UE moves, it leaves and joins areas, the mobile cells. The process of handing over into the next cell is called Handover.Handover has been around for more than 3 decades but has been discussed a lot since the start of 5G …

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Signaling vs. Linux Probes vs. Real Phones

Signaling Simulation vs. Linux Probes vs. real Phones

I was asked why we prefer testing by simulating signaling and using computer-like probes over automated smartphones. Besides the technical description of the differences, with Degust, we support all of these methods, but our installed base has a dominant portion of Linux-based computers. Simulating signaling and usage traffic can be advantageous when testing a communication …

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Web Automation 5.0

Bring the quality of your web projects to the next level. You are constantly testing your web projects using tools like Ranorex Studio, Katalon or basic Selenium? Combine your knowledge and existing tools with complete End-2-End testing and monitoring of the involved backend systems.  If you use tools like standard web driver automation, you will …

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Run your IoT on Degust

You are starting a new project and need to run your new software in different locations or even in certain countries. Some customers have great developing resources, but they don’t want to invest or simply don’t have the time to develop the potentially global networking, monitoring, and security infrastructure underknees. This will always lead to …

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Acctopus develops first 5G AUSF

The Authentication Server Function (AUSF) is used in 5G networks to authenticate users or systems to the 5G network. The AUSF is part of the Acctopus NetMaut Policy Platform for mobile operators and thus is seamlessly being used together with services in the 2G-4G area. It provides authentication services and other security-related services to the …

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