Acctopus develops first 5G AUSF

The Authentication Server Function (AUSF) is used in 5G networks to authenticate users or systems to the 5G network.

The AUSF is part of the Acctopus NetMaut Policy Platform for mobile operators and thus is seamlessly being used together with services in the 2G-4G area.

It provides authentication services and other security-related services to the 5G Core network through the Nausf Service-Based Interface. The AUSF authenticates the user equipment using information queries from the Nudm_UEAuthentication Service and uses the method specified and required by the service consumer.

Where required, it calculates the keys necessary to protect a list or steering information.

Allow 5G tests and monitoring using Acctopus Degust

As Acctopus NetMaut and Degust are sharing code bases and functionality, the 5G Authentication Server Function became part of Degust Quality Automation Service.

Degust subscribers have now access to the AUSF and will integrate the functionality into their tests and monitoring to speed up acceptance procedures and go-live project plans.